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What's a lagkitten?

[Image: Lynx head] Formed out of the collision of random data streams, the Lagkitten looks like a hazy feline form of gray that, examined closer, reveals a fractal pattern of white and black fur, ever more intricate no matter how closely one looks. Mismatched eyes flicker red and amber, occasionally blue when the Lagkitten is splayed out with happiness munching upon a brand new T-1. Its claws, when unvelveted, are sharp enough to cut connections and its purr is full of cheerful static energy.

Copyrighted 1998 by Conrad "Lynx" Wong

Lagkittens are my particular anthropomorphization of the sometimes muttered about 'lagbeasts', horrible creatures that misplace data packets and munge people's connections. Except in my case, having a bias, I pictured them as little kittens that would ravage the network and then blink so cutely at you that you couldn't help but go 'Awwww' and pet the 'lil thangs.

This lagkitten in particular, is a character I introduced into the WeaselOak Treehouse on FurryMUCK when I needed a puppet to put there that wasn't a stuffed doll. (Silent Red had been having some problem with people overusing wind-up dolls that emitted 'clever' quotes... Over and over.)

For reasons I cannot explain, Lagkitten has gotten quite popular. In fact some people have taken to drawing the horrid 'lil net.beasty. ('gryn) Enough that I cannot help but honor and thank all their efforts and catalogue them here, where I hope you will all enjoy this little shrine to feline mischief and miscreantism. For better or worse... Here's Lagkitten!

The Pictures

Pictures in reverse chronological order -- the newest ones are on top.

Lagkitten horks up quite a-- wait, that's no ordinary hairball!

Lagkitten is evidently using a remote control to cause a robot arm to ferry it about... As if cats weren't lazy enough!

In this Ambush, JR asks a few pertinent questions of Lagkitten...

JR, challenged to come up with an olympics event, invents ... Well, an unusual sport, with a lagkitten thrown in gratuituously.

JR, challenged to come up with a TV documentary worth watching, targets his lenses on his favorite subject!

JR is back with piratey goodness!

Kenket draws Lynx under a blankey, with a purring Lagkitten on his feet! Amazing pencil work.

This time JackRabbitson draws Lagkitten as "The One!"

JackRabbitson draws "Leapin' Laggy!"

Ambush: when the topic's 'what will you do when there's a computer in practically everything around you', JackRabbitson knows just whom to turn to for help! (post-Ambush refined image)

Ambush: what's the greatest gift JackRabbitson could get? Here, he gives his answer...

Here, Lagkitten nests on Deuce, who's nesting on Stryck, who's nesting on Tugrik... Caption: Tugrik . o O ( Mustn't... sneeze! )

JackRabbitson brings the Lagkitten back in another ambush-- this time, as the arbiter of internet weather! Fear net storms!

JackRabbitson weighs in once again, tying for first place in the Art Ambush with this picture which explains what his favorite tool is for slowing down pursuit. Only too natural, Mr. Rabbitson!

Another JR item, this picture is one that JackRabbitson drew for a 30 minute Ambush with the theme "What's your secret for winning the fishing derby?" ... See what his answer is!

JackRabbitson drew this cute little piece with Lagkitten driving a Tron tank around, with Recognizers in hot pursuit!

MelSkunk about Lagkitten: Do not adjust your vertical or horizontal. Lagkitten controls all you see, and your baud rate.

Here, Blackears depicts the obvious cause of so many sites being down: FurryMUCK, FurNation, and Who could be behind them all?!

Lagkitten's in the Ambush again! This is Lagkitten attacking a city as Lagzilla... Apparently purring on top of some giant art building. Thanks, JackRabbitson!

And here's the Art Ambush, being simulated... What's one of the disasters that can befall the Art ambush? Guess. ('gryn) Thanks, Platinum!

Templeton draws Hedgy teasing Lagkitten with a cat toy... Cute!

I don't usually do the Art Ambushes, but here's 'myself' (as Lagkitten) in some death-defying activity...

Platinum of Kitsune Studios appears with his lagkitten problems! Herr Doktor Lagkitten is all too happy to help, of course.

JackRabbitson returns with more lagkitten problems. It looks like his lagkittens keep multiplying!

Blackears depicts Lagkitten as, apparently, walking off with the keys while computers hop around the server room... Er, the server *bath* room. Heeheehee...

Hedgy gets AYB'd by Lagkitten! Whee! Poor grrl. ('gryn)

Micah depicts herself (jagkitty) in the Art Lounge with Hedgy, a very sweet hedgehog type, and Lagkitten purring electrically at their feet. D'awww! Do take a look at Micah's site, Stardancer.

Looks like Hedgy couldn't stop with just one kitten -- here Lagkitten is helping her provide some flash and dazzle as she advertises 'carbonated condensed coffee in a can'. Oh dear. };)! Hedgy's site is located at Apocalyptic Tangerine.

Coragule has turned Lagkitten into a Hallmark card! Fear!

JackRabbitson returns to the Sketchpad with this picture of a lagkitten shedding up a storm!

Here's a truly shocking (pun intended) picture from Glumilan -- he was trying to capture more of the malevolence that Lagkitten possesses, and did so quite splendidly!

Lagkitten Day -- like Groundhog Day but Lagkitten style. (Art Ambush)

Heeeere's Kitsumi, with her Game Show pic for an art ambush -- and as usual, Lagkitten and Yamaneko are competing with each other for the prize. Thanks, Kitsumi! };)

Here in clockwise order are some sketches by Yamakitty: Yamaneko looking innocent while Lagkitten disbelieves, the two in a catfight, Lagkitten hanging from a rope (or someone's braid), and Yamaneko crouched, tailtip going 'thwipthwipthwip'. Neehee!

In this cute 'lil number, Yamaneko is apparently playing 'sit on the bagpipes' with Lagkitten prodding at the thing and Gen wincing at the inevitable cat-erwauling.

I eventually did a few lagkitten pics of my own... Cheap cruddy scans on my low-res webcam, but hey. Here are: Lagkitten makes a server get nervous, Lagkitten zots Yamaneko from ambush , and Yamaneko gets revenge!

Purrts did his rendition of what a 'Lagkitten attack squadron' jacket patch might look at... Heehee!

Too cool! Lagkitten and his favorite chewtoy/rival in kittenishness spar for snuggle-space. This gorgeous picture is brought to you by Gaelif!

JackRabbitson depicts the Lagkitten as the proprietor of the Black Lag Crash Motel, where runners jack in but they don't jack out! This is a rough for a hopeful professional-looking fake ad poster he plans to make.

JackRabbitson pets the lagkitten here, looking a bit careful-- got to watch out those evil lagkittens don't staticzot your fur! Or your computer. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out the Imagerie!

And here's a fine picture of Lagkitten voraciously pouncing a router-- you can tell Lagkitten's Lynxish origins here! Done by Caribou, whose excellent art can be seen at

Here's Yamaneko with Lagkitten's favorite breakfast starter!

Kitsumi did a pretty sketch of Lagkitten-- this one is definitely an Evyl Meow!

Kitsumi also did this neat sketch of Lagkitten sitting on her head. Aww, cute!

(not working) Yamaneko did this terrifically funny one of Lagkitten gnawing on a cable.

(not working)Buran proceeded to color! Glumilan's picture most niftily.

(not working) NDA (New Dog Around) shows Lagkitten being used as a hacking tool. Hmmm... That's one way to put the internet biota to good use.

(not working) Looks like Lagkitten is giving lessons to Bonny's kitten! Thanks, Bonny!

(not working) Kahei did the very first picture of Lagkitten -- a lovely digital piece! (very fitting)